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The Space Between


In this edition of 'Contradictions' we'll focus on how to morph inspiration of various forms, text (not just scripts, but also poems, letters and interviews), images, music, films stories, and our bodies into exciting performative material. This includes refining and aligning your modes of expression to fit your individual bodies or creative objectives.

APRIL 5-7, London

This workshop offers methods for transforming and playing with artistic forms, to transform it into distinct, original performative scores.

Are you refining your own show, or looking for a fresh breath or impulse in your creative journey, or navigating the complexity of being a performer-deviser?

 Both newcomers looking to refine their creative processes and returning participants familiar with my approach are welcome. We will leverage your existing experience, providing additional space for you to compose and evolve your creative material further.


Friday 5th April - 6pm-10pm

Saturday 6th April - 3pm-8pm

Sunday 7th April - 12pm - 5pm



Centre 151

151 Whiston Road, London, E2 8GU

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Through the blending of dance forms, cinematic influences, and diverse genres, participants will craft unique movement scores that reflect their personal creative voice while resonating with universal themes and inspirations. 

This workshop is an opportunity to deepen your movement practice, challenge conventional boundaries, and articulate a distinctive language of movement that is both personal and broadly communicative. Suitable for actors, performers, dancers, movement directors or anyone with a curiosity to be more creative through embodied practices.

You will bring and recreate your own creative toolbox. As creative foundation or your initial inspiration point will be your own 'creative toolbox', brimming with your artistic references like themes, images or mood-boards, texts, sounds, and so forth.

 We will rigorously train your subtle creative muscles to connect the dots between physical and cognitive processes. We will impart skills and practices that will enrich your spontaneity and craft as an actor, performer and maker.

Your creative material will serve you as a tool to discover stories from your embodied experience. Images, sounds, objects or text, whether it is spoken and performed, or silently planted as subtext, is a crucial and essential tool for creating performative physical actions and captivating stories. 

About the Facilitator
Matej Matejka

"It’s an intense and even transformative experience of pure pleasure though movement and attunement to the others; the vital forces take over. Matej Matejka proves himself to be an excellent workshop lead, a daring and resourceful artist of profound sensibility, with great passion and care for the work he’s doing.“ -Dr. Diana Serbanescu



What practice is this built on?

I'm movement practitioner and theatremaker, and my work is derived from over 10 years of experience in performer training research internationally and at The Grotowski Institute in Poland. My artistry is driven by the question “Who am I?”—the conscious individual is consistently engaging in a profound questioning to live their lives with self-awareness and creativity. I'm also drawn from my body of work in life coaching and physiotherapy always honouring the wholeness of the mind and body in approaching creative work. I'm also constantly making connections between the intuitive research in a theatre studio with the latest scientific research about creativity. Throughout the course, we will share relevant resources to support the participants’ learning.

Is this workshop for me?

This course is for anyone who uses creativity in their lives, which is to say everyone! My experience so far has shown that these processes can be applied to any discipline, whether you are an actor, a dancer, a visual artist, or an entrepreneur—and whether you want to use creativity to create a solo show, deepen a role or to make some transformative changes in your life. 

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