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What other people said

“One of the most skilled and experienced teachers of physical acting in the world. … A consummate master in teaching and training actors in physical work and movement.”

-Dr. Ben Spatz, University of Huddersfield, UK

“Matej Matejka is a gifted teacher, with the rare ability to engage all kinds of students in the demanding work and offer them new standpoints in relation to their acting and thinking. He expands actors in their psychophysical expression and focus.”

-Dr. Pauliina Hulkko, Tampere University, Finland

“He is a genius pedagogue of physical theater and a great researcher and innovator. … A rare artistic and poetic soul that has the power to make our world more beautiful.”

-Alexandra Kazazou, actress, director, Greece

“A dedicated teacher with a unique talent to guide and critize each performer to reach their highest creativity and best performance, while infusing great enthusiasm into them.”

-Deniz Aykac, dancer/performer/choreographer, Turkey

Brilliant! Amazing! Surprising! To be honest, I hate Master Matej and I love Master Matej. It's contradiction. Huge energy levels hit my senses and parallel calm my soul! The Authenticity the truth of human Body and nature was the perfect lesson for a life time.

-workshop participant

'An environment that supports you with lightness to look deeper into yourself as a performer/artist/person and pull out moments that surprise and delight the spirit.'

-workshop participant

'A powerful deep dive into communication through movement, self exploration through performance creation. An invisible thread of learning to trust oneself and others and beyond runs through all the practices.'

-workshop participant

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