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Studio Matejka - Physical Theatre Performance

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Director, choreographer: Matej Matejka
Written by: Matej Matejka, Marek Gluziński
Performers: Marek Gluziński, Aleksandra Kugacz-Semerci, Mertcan Semerci, Natalia Drozd, Umut Sevgül, Tomáš Wortner, Deniz Atlı, Danny Kearns, Metehan Kayan
Music: The Kurws
Light Design: Maciej Mądry/J.Fret
Costumes: Simela Ziota
Stage Manager: Ewelina Sochacka
Languages Polish, English, Czech, Turkish
Premiered on 19 April 2018
Running time 150 minutes

The piece The Angry Man: Variations in Defence of Anger delves into the sources of personal anger born out of fear of oppression. Whether physical, mental or political, oppression provokes growing anger and resistance. We look into the moment when anger can no longer be held in, when it’s impossible to remain well-behaved, polite, passive − waiting to be rescued by outside forces. We are looking for that spark that starts the engine of change. We take a close look at it. We turn it and look from all sides, take it apart and analyse it. Anger, like a virulent infection, hunts down its victims, no matter which side you are on. Can anger serve worthy purposes? Can you show concern through anger? Can anger be used in the service of love? We want to create a piece that becomes a safety valve, a testing space, test of our reactions. We want to give voice to all those who are pissed off, bypassing any form of political, moral or cultural censorship.


’m tired… furiously tired, but I cannot sleep.
I’m hungry… furiously hungry, but I cannot eat.
I have days that I feel like going out and beating someone up, anyone, doing something evil, murdering someone. I have days that I feel like grabbing a gun and shooting everyone. You know what I mean? Everyone. So that everyone is dead. You know what I mean?
And then I wonder if it would help.
Would it help? No. That’s all? That’s it.
But no one can take away your desire to…

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