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Matej Matejka sees performance as not only a profession but also a lifelong passion that can be harnessed to make a meaningful difference. At a young age, this artist began viewing performance as a way to help others express their emotions, challenges, and adversities. To bring change to your community, get in touch to find out how Acting and Choreography can help  develop Poland as a leading habitat for equality, humanity, and education.

Matej Matejka has achieved Life Coaching certificate alongside being a leader for over a decade in multiple artistic and creative projects. He has amassed a diverse range of skills and techniques in the process. If you choose this service today, you’ll discover the difference quality coaching makes on your growth.

Ensemble work requires performers to be physically engaged, powerful, and attuned to their surroundings and partners. By starting with a simple physical dynamic, performers are challenged to fully live in the present moment and respond to the actions and others in the space. As they add layers of tasks, observations, motivations, and physical responses, a chain of unexpected events is created through collective improvisation. The most interesting moments are re-constructed and improved to form a new layer of physical "chain game," resulting in a unique and dynamic ensemble performance.


TEAM BUILDING will introduce you to process of gradual stages of collective awareness and powerful group creation. 

Triggered by balance of simple yet intensified physical presence of every person involved we will attune and settle principles for collective improvisation. Performers will be given tools to gradually engage new layers of responses between restrictive to fully flexible, developing individual, partner and collective awareness.  

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