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Site specific events, performances and workshops.

Since the beginning of Studio Matejka in 2012 the interest in performance outside of the theatre venue was very present in my work. Physical theatre research hes been often placed in the context of various sites what emerged in creating first short films. In performances my goal is to engage people in the spaces where we live our everyday - with extraordinary visual imaginary and stories. 


Harmony of Contradictions - Poland

Moving through the spaces of the former Wroclaw Brewery, the viewer became a witness and active participant in both public and intimate situations. Audience literally and imaginatively pass through places some forgotten by our collective consciousness and history, and others constantly recurring in our present.

Director: Matej Matejka

Concept and organization: Matej Matejka, Agnieszka Ćwieląg, Marek Gluziński

Set design: Tomáš Žižka
Intermedia: meg janus, Alexandra Bury

Palimpsests of Space: Reconstruction

Gorzanów Castle, Poland, July 2017

Director: Matej Matejka

Concept and artistic coordination:

Agnieszka Ćwieląg, Ewa Żurakowska, Şafak Ersözlü, Matej Matejka

Adaptation of multiple stories into epic fairytale. 

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