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“Matej Matejka is a gifted teacher, with the rare ability to engage all kinds of students in the demanding work and offer them new standpoints in relation to their acting and thinking. He expands actors in their psychophysical expression and focus.”

-Dr. Pauliina Hulkko, Tampere University, Finland

“Fantastic. His work is inspired and his love for the work is infectious.” 

-Dr. Bryan Brown,  University of Exeter, UK/USA

“A dedicated teacher with a unique talent to guide and critize each performer to reach their highest creativity and best performance, while infusing great enthusiasm into them.”

-Deniz Aykac, dancer/performer/choreographer, Turkey

I know the work of Mr Matejka from the moment he moved to Wroclaw to work with Teatr ZAR and later to develop his own practice and run his own company. I consider him to be not only very talented actor but mostly an original and experienced director and teacher of what is called in the West a physical theatre. I do not consider the term to be precise because physical is too narrow for art that is organic, meaning that the physical (body) is not in any way separated from what is psychical. And Matej Matejka is a master of such “organic theatre”. It would be too weak to say that in his acting, directing and teaching he combines theatre, dance, performance art, martial arts and some contemporary body technics. He knows his fields very well and he himself is exceptional actor/dancer with charismatic stage presence - but what he develops and proposes also as a teacher is not a combination but synthesis. In his Studio in Wroclaw he developed his own method of teaching and training. 

In creative and fascinating way Matej Matejka in his teaching, training and performances proposes original and contemporary development of the propositions created in the context of counterculture. 


As a teacher Matej is very engaged in the work with the students, open to their propositions but at the same time precise in being a leader of the work. He knows how to pass the knowledge and at the same time do not block one’s creativity. He is also a very conscious artist and teacher able to present and comment his work in more academic discourse. 

Prof. dr. hab. Dariusz Kosiński, Faculty of Polish Studies, Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland

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