For Artists & Performers

My coaching combines acting techniques, movement, dance and physical training to help you grow in your physical freedom and in your creative process. It is especially designed for professionals, and those with a strong desire to develop as an artist and performer. In addition to training that we typically experience in large groups, one-to-one coaching will give you an experience that is unique, challenging but also extremely rewarding.

Every performer is different, with their particular strengths, weaknesses and curiosities. My expertise is to see it, define it and  help you to achieve professional goals  through developing skills and attitudes that lead to self-empowerment. To  be with you on your journey and  go beyond what’s comfortable and grow. My BodyCreative Coaching for artists and performers creates spaces for those with the curiosity of working with a movement director, those seeking to strengthen their daily practice, artistic language, physical performing skills or to overcome creative crises. All that is required is your human presence and a readiness to work.

The foundation of the work is built on awakening and activating the body, of going beyond habit and feeling more and more free. Even the most trained bodies acquire muscle habits that lead to movement patterns. These are schematic systems that we often do not notice, which become so strongly absorbed, dulling the raw nerve and spontaneity that is essential in a performer.

Times are changing and creative collaborations are transforming in  the online space. Many of you have expressed interest in personal guidance and tutoring in the past,  I decided to create this platform to offer various forms of collaboration  one-to-one. 

What can we work on?

  • Body to Mind - Mind to Body—building your physical spontaneity and cultivating the flow between the creative mind and perceptive body

  • Discovering your goals and needs for your personal and creative development

  • Reinforcing creative material 

  • Enriching your body as an instrument

  • Movement directing- guidance towards create your own authentic choreographies or movement score within the context of the piece

  • Tutoring for creating solo or or ensemble work

  • Developing tailor-made physical & creative training 

Suitable for

  • Actors looking to mature and strengthen their skills

  • Dancers and physical theatre performers

  • Actors/performers creating their own work, who does not yet work with a movement director

  • Anyone trying to overcome a creative crisis/block

  • Small ensembles hoping to tune to each other and train together

  • Anyone with the impulse and readiness  work on creative physical self-development

  • Creative partners with desire to meet in new, refreshing area of creativity listening

"To create complete worlds using only the things at hand—performing art in an embryonic form, in the process of being born- using the smallest amount of fixed elements to obtain maximum results.

The awakened instinct of the performer can spontaneously select the appropriate tools to transform the space."

"The driving force behind it all is a living being: the actor/performer."


 Ludwig Flaszen - Teatr Laboratorium

One of the most important principles in the work is the composition of stories—the collage or montage of actions balanced between intuitive and narrative. Often initially the proces might seem illogical and chaotic, but gradually shapes into something more complete and meaningful. I will guide you through the process of balancing this  montage between subjective and objective, to embrace both.

I want to help you cultivate into a mature actor, one who thanks to his/her own resources and techniques, can become a work partner for the director and, at the same time, an independent creator.

In the tension between freedom and limitation, structure and its absence, we find a unique space for experiencing and creating.

How does it look in practice? 

There are 3 models of coaching

  1. Online

  2. Hybrid   Online + Live one to one meeting

  3. Live meetings [Wroclaw, Poland]

In the first class, we will clarify your goals and focus to set up a working plan.

The intensity of the classes will depend on your needs and expectations.

As a reference, I suggest 1 1.5-hour session per week for regular personal development. The work is slow but rewarding, and I would suggest committing to at least 12 hours of work before seeing tangible results.

Nevertheless, I know that sometimes it is necessary and more effective to dive into intense period of work development especially if you are creating or researching the performance or having specific deadline for achieving your goals. I’m used to that, we can go intense.

Prices per class/training: 

One training/class cost 220 PLN / 50 EUR / 40 GBP

One class is 1 hour 20 min but it can be doubled for additional costs.

For buying 8 classes the price per class reduced to 200 PLN / 45 EUR / 35 GBP

The class/training can be shared with up to two person at the same time.

In my experience, the ideal situation is to work in a small group of 2 people who have similar goals.

Each person will grow individually much better from the transference of group energy and by learning from each other. 


"Matej is a truly transformative practitioner, his teaching and guidance have enriched my personal physical practice allowing me to explore untapped resources whilst feeding the work of my company and giving me tools and insights that I have found to be invaluable."

Henry Maynard - Artistic Director of Flabbergast Theatre, 

“I feel like you gave me the gift of myself, and for that I have no words.”

 “I was reminded of my own skills as a performer. I felt intimately artistically seen, as well as challenged and inspired to create. Working and talking with you made me remember why I love to do this-- why I have to do this.” 


Susannah Wilson, actres, performer

“He is a genius pedagogue of physical theater and a great researcher and innovator. … A rare artistic and poetic soul that has the power to make our world more beautiful.” 


Alexandra Kazazou, actress

Matej Matejka gently guides and challenges the participants to push the boundaries of their physicality and perception. Throughout this workshop, the participants develop a keen sensitivity to their surroundings and to each other – the group becomes one living entity, synchronicities happen. It’s an intense and even transformative experience of pure pleasure though movement and attunement to the others; the vital forces take over. Matej Matejka proves himself to be an excellent workshop lead, a daring and resourceful artist of profound sensibility, with great passion and care for the work he’s doing; with an transdisciplinary mind-set and methodical approach, he uses the tools of dance and theatre to suit particular environments, groups and contexts. The Shape of Things to Come – a trans-disciplinary research project and and art-science collaboration –  has greatly benefitted from his visionary thinking and generous expertise. “


Dr. Diana Serbanescu is a computer scientist and a cultural scholar with a focus on interdisciplinary research. She is a research group leader in the project "Criticality of Artificial Intelligence" at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society, and a co-founder of the “Institute for Creative Anticipation and Performing Arts” in Berlin.