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Written in the Body:          Dream Logic


Everything we create comes from the rich source of experiences stored in our bodies. Through movement, we tell the stories of our lives.


In this course, we will invite you to focus on the early part of creation—to enter the space needed to surrender to the flow of impulses inside you as a performer, artist or maker. We will engage you in different moving meditations, journaling exercises, forums and creative tasks that will cultivate each of these impulses into rich experiences and seeds for making work.

Online Workshop
€75 / €60 (Concession)*

 *Concession includes students, recent graduates, and returning students.

Thursday, November 4 at 6pm - 8pm (UK)
Friday, November 5 at 6pm - 8pm (UK)
Thursday, November 11 at 6pm - 8pm (UK)
Friday, November 12 at 6pm - 8pm (

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Testimonials for Matej Matejka
"It’s an intense and even transformative experience of pure pleasure though movement and attunement to the others; the vital forces take over. Matej Matejka proves himself to be an excellent workshop lead, a daring and resourceful artist of profound sensibility, with great passion and care for the work he’s doing.“ -
Dr. Diana Serbanescu

Dr. Diana Serbanescu is a computer scientist and a cultural scholar with a focus on interdisciplinary research. She is a research group leader in the project "Criticality of Artificial Intelligence" at the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society, and a co-founder of the “Institute for Creative Anticipation and Performing Arts” in Berlin.

Testimonials for Elisabeth Gunawan

"Betty takes artists through a really gentle and simple process to tell stories that are true to yourself. She draws from a variety of influences and cultures and has built a practice that is unique and beautiful."  -Nishad More, actor

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Research has shown that the site of learning and creativity is within our body. Our focus will be on three main avenues of engaging the body in creative tasks: through movement, writing and drawing. Each of them are forms of physical expression (afterall, writing and drawing are like small intricate dances performed by our hands). Each time, we will rigorously train your subtle creative muscles to connect the dots between physical and cognitive processes. The work is designed to connect you to the infinite creativity of your subconscious mind, and the common consciousness of society. We will impart skills and practices that will enrich your spontaneity and craft as an actor, performer and maker.


Each session will delight and engage you to experiment with rigour, focus and playfulness. Our exercises aim to give you skills and tools, and to build your trust in the creative process. 

What we teach you is not rooted in an aesthetic, instead our process helps you deepen the integration between your imaginative, physical and mental instruments to express yourself in a way that is original and true.


The nonsensical logic one possesses while dreaming that makes perfect sense until he or she wakes up

'Stop making sense.' -David Lynch


We invite you to let go of reality and reason, to dive into an experience guided by intuition and things you do not understand—you can fly, or meet someone who is already dead, or walk on stage naked not knowing your lines.



What practice is this built on?

We are movement practitioners and theatremakers, and our work is derived from over 10 years of experience in performer training research internationally and at The Grotowski Institute in Poland. Our artistry is driven by the question “Who am I?”—the conscious individual is consistently engaging in a profound questioning to live their lives with self-awareness and creativity. We also draw from our body of work in life coaching and yoga, always honouring the wholeness of the mind and body in approaching creative work. We are also constantly making connections between the intuitive research in a theatre studio with the latest scientific research about creativity. Throughout the course, we will share relevant resources for further reading to support the participants’ learning

What is an online workshop like?
Just your human presence, a readiness to work and good internet connection. If you have wireless earphones or a good sound system, that will enhance the experience even more. Each class (2 hours long) will be different and surprising, but it will always start with a physical warmup to make the body available for our cognitive and imaginative processes. We will then venture into different imaginative journeys and creative exercises involving moving, writing or drawing. There will also be opportunities to discuss and share your experiences in forums, and to collaborate with others in the group.

I'm a [insert vocation here], is this workshop for me?

This course is for anyone who uses creativity in their lives, which is to say everyone! Our experience so far has shown that these processes can be applied to any discipline, whether you are an actor, a dancer, a visual artist, or an entrepreneur—and whether you want to use creativity to create a solo show, deepen a role or to make some transformative changes in your life. 

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