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Matej leads regular workshops based on his developed methods of educational and artistic work with people from various artistic backgrounds.

Through a laboratory model that seeks to break the borders between dance and theatre, the workshops focus on elements of physical training integrating both disciplines into one complex performing capacity. 





Using a wide range of training principles and techniques
from classical to innovative, abstract to descriptive,
physical to theoretical, direct and indirect this workshop
allows participants to build a dictionary of possibilities that
shifts one’s expression beyond conventional interpretations
and understandings of physical theatre.
This training is a base for skills and artistic autonomy for
any performer.
It is designed for professional dancers or actors thirsty to cross their own limits and be
challenged with multiple layers of tasks.
Time of the workshop: 4-6 Days, 4-6 hours per day

The workshop is a next step from "CONTRADICTIONS". This process gathers principles from
our training into a basis for developing movement structures, one that integrates storytelling
with new combinations of individual performative actions or scores with those generated by
partner or ensemble work in order to develop a more complex dramaturgy.
The final action in the performance is often the result of a long transformation of an idea or
intuition. It doesn't have to be one secured principle to build the action for the performance,
the path we choose can be variable and yet stable at the same time. It depends on our
ability to gain and let go, to hold on and yet to break what we are holding to in order to
serve the purpose of creation. In this workshop we build, break and rebuild on the way
towards the performative action.



"DANCE OF LIKENESS- Embracing History Within Us"

This workshop is suitable to EVERYONE regardless of experience or professional ambitions.
It’s enough to be interested in movement and relationship with the self. Age range is 21 - 99
Through intense physical experience we will enter a process involving memories and
perceptions of one's own life and life of our ancestors . We will blend real stories with fictional
ones in order to balance imagination with reality and truth with deception. This intimate
process guide us through moments of our life and life parallels to our relatives.
It is an opportunity for those who are wishing to seek and reveal hidden links within the self.
We sense, dance, draw, talk and create fascinating stories full of humor and powerful human

  • Body Anatomy & Movement investigation

  • Movement Diversity in 5 Dynamics

  • Physical Gesture & Physical Words

  • Meeting Each Other - Ensemble practices

  • Partnering - from combat to contact improvisation and partner partitures

  • Martial Presence of Performer

  • Fallings and floor work

  • Imaginative Body

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